Demo Event - Pasadena JPL Trailhead
Try out one of our Eminent bikes at the Pasadena, CA JPL Trailhead and prepare to experience the AFS difference.

Event Details

09/21:JPL Trailhead
Pasadena, CA 91011

Eminent currently offers the following three models:

Trail: ONSET ST – 29er platform /130mm/120mm / 66.5 degree HTAOne word describes this bike: Exact. The Onset 120 is a serious trail machine that turns 100% of your effort into speed. We made this bike agile and efficient, but since it shares the same DNA as it's longer travel sibling it still straight up smashes when it needs to.

All Mountain: ONSET LT – 29er platform / 150mm/140mm / 66 degree HTA"Quiver killer", "Swiss Army Knife", "If I could only have one bike". We say this but "that bike" always comes up short somehow. We optimized our AFS suspension around an AM 29 inch platform and gave up nothing. The Onset 140 truly is the "have your cake, and eat it too, bike". So enjoy your cake... with a grin that your buddies are sure to get sick of.

Enduro: HASTE – 27.5 platform / 170mm/160mm / 65.5 HTATight and twisty or airing the gap - this is your style of riding. The Haste carves through the most technical of single tracks and rock gardens at speeds leaving you to wonder how you ever rode anything else.

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What to Expect at the Demo

Eminent doesn’t charge at demo events...however, larger events/festivals may charge a general admission/demo fee. We require and keep your photo ID and credit card during demo. A liability waiver must be filled out (under 18, requires parent/guardian) prior to riding and we ask that you complete a post ride survey upon return.

Each bike demo is 1 hour, but riders can absolutely demo different models back to back. Each rider is fitted on the bike and suspension is sagged according to individual rider weight. Beyond that, we are there to showcase the brand, tech, and answer any questions they may have.