Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where does Eminent Cycles sell their bicycles?

    We sell only through our website We are a direct-to-owner sales company, aimed at delivering the best bike to our customers for the best price. Currently we sell only in North America, but are expanding to other parts of the world in a years’ time.

  2. I am concerned about buying such an expensive item over the internet without physically seeing it first, how can I resolve this concern?

    If the high resolution photo’s on our website, blogs, media write ups, and a 5 year warranty with a 20 day return policy are not enough, you can visit us at our factory in San Diego, CA for a demo, or visit one of our demo events. Visit our Hands-On page for more details.

  3. I want a part that is not listed on the bike builder, can I get it?

    Most likely yes, we will check with the manufacturer and confirm its availability and fitment to our bike. Once confirmed, we will price it and send you a quote for the added request. Select “Request a custom part” in the parts type section of the bike builder to start this process.

  4. How do I know I am getting the right size?

    Review the specifications section under the bikes page to determine what size frame, seat, and bars aligns with your size. Input your body size and select your appropriate sized components in the bike builder. One of our experts will review your selection against your measurements and confirm you have made the proper selections before the order is executed. If we see any discrepancies in fit, we will contact you to discuss.