Aaron Bruce

Bella Vista, Arkansas

About our Ambassador

Name Aaron Bruce
Ph (479)-715-7530
Email MTBfreerider27@ yahoo.com
City/State Bella Vista, Arkansas
Favorite Trail? DH-5 Euraka Springs Arkansas
27.5 or 29? I was all about 27.5 untill discovering the Onset. A 29er that is just as playful as a 27.5
Favorite Post ride food? Smoked salmon or pizza
Post ride beverage? Dirt Surfer IPA or chocolate protein shake 
Post ride spot? Anywhere there are good vibes. 
How I connect to the sport? work with the local bike shop (Mojo Cycling) and ride my friggin bike. 
Climb of shuttle? We need elevation to have a blasting descent. But if there is a shuttle, then that just means more energy for the descents.
Biggest Crash? There have been a few where it is a wonder I have not broken myself in the process of enduring them. One of which I smoked a carbon reserve wheel, another where I did fracture part of my foot from a tree I narrowly missed hitting head on at significant speed, stripping the slider guides in my dropper post in the process. And another where I cracked a Fox Proframe helmet, front wheel slide out and O.T.B. followed by my bike striking the back of my head driving the chinbar into the dirt. These are to name a few that I would consider a crash. 
Never leave home without? Bike, gear, and at least one camera