When you think of the perfect enduro rig, you think of a bike that has it all. Whether it’s descending the gnarliest, rockiest, most root-cladded terrain, or taking on the most insanely challenging climbs, you need a bike that you can count on. Our deep passion in enduro has always been our calling... and the Haste MT is our answer.

The Haste MT was designed with a culmination of technology that defines our DNA at Eminent. Its essence lies in its profound traction capabilities, ready to take on everything your journey throws at it. From its 170mm front/160mm rear travel, to its progressive high pivot AFS suspension configuration, the Haste MT was designed to provide utmost ride support through the most difficult of terrain.  Whether descending at high speeds, or enduring uber-technical climbs, once the MT encounters an obstacle, it tracks with it, back and out of the way, and then resets for its next impact. Its assertive mid-stroke performance and strong bottom-out support keeps you holding your lines and fully controlled on the trail during your most playful moments. The Haste MT performs in exactly the manner you demand from a proper enduro bike… relentless.

Confidence inspired. Ride uncompromised. 

Haste MT Comp

Haste MT Comp

  • Eminent AFS High Pivot Suspension
  • Shimano SLX/Deore Drivetrain
  • Marzocci Bomber Z1 Air Fork and Performance Float X Shock
  • Sun Ringle Duroc SD37 Expert Aluminum Wheels
  • TRP Slate EVO 4P Brakes
  • Maxxis Assegai 2.5 F & DHRII 2.4 R
  • $6,099.00
Haste MT Advanced

Haste MT Advanced

  • Eminent AFS High Pivot Suspension
  • Shimano XT Drivetrain
  • Fox Performance Elite 38 Grip 2 Fork and Performance Elite Float X Shock
  • Sun Ringle Duroc SD37 Pro Aluminum Wheels
  • TRP Trail EVO 4P Brakes
  • Maxxis Assegai 2.5 F & DHRII 2.4 R
  • $7,499.00
Haste MT Pro

Haste MT Pro

  • Eminent AFS High Pivot Suspension/li>
  • Shimano XTR Drivetrain
  • Fox Factory 38 Fork and Factory Float X2 Shock
  • Crank Brothers Synthesis Carbon Wheels w/I9
  • TRP DHR EVO 4P Brakes
  • Maxxis Assegai 2.5 F & DHRII 2.4 R
  • $9,599.00



15mm of REARWARD AXLE PATH. The way we see it, this is the way forward in mid to long travel mountain bike segments. By "forward" we mean that once you ride it you immediately notice the lack of hang up and hold back deflection. The bike just wants to reset and move onto more chunk. You might think this is only a descending benefit, but it also positively impacts traction on the climbs, especially in loose, technical up and over situations, where required weight shifting can result in a spun out rear. Because the wheel moves with the bump, traction remains more constant. Lastly, the new design still delivers a solid 120% anti-squat platform to mash on.


Thanks to the high pivot configuration, the dropout no longer counter rotates as it goes through travel. The new dropout plate effectively becomes the floating bracket, keeping the rotor clocked to the same spot on the caliper throughout travel and delivering fully active braking with 30% anti-rise at sag. With the brake bracket out of the way there is room to accommodate a 203 diameter rotor for increased stopping power. The video illustrates that in both Eminent designs the rotor stays clocked to the caliper throughout suspension travel.


The graph says it all. Dead linear, 30% progressivity or in other words a virtually straight diagonal line as the bike moves through travel. But what does it all mean? Because it is linear, there is better midstroke support which equates to less "wallow". As it moves deeper into travel the shock provides increasing bottom out resistance. All of this allows for a lighter shock compression tune (great for coil), resulting in a more supple and supportive ride. This is achieved in part by the placement of pivots, but also by the addition of the lower shock linkage, which works in concert with the upper pivot to achieve the desired leverage ratio.



With the elimination of the previous design shock tunnel, the new design provides a massive uninterrupted 308mm (L & XL) and 288 (M) seat post insertion. The standard of long 34.9mm diameter droppers are good to go. Speaking of clearance, we've lowered the stand over by an inch as well. Lastly, we've steepened up the STA to 77° (MT) and 78° (LT).


Integrated at the upper shock bolt for easy access and quick adjustment, the flip chip will allow for a half degree of adjustability: 63.5/64 (MT), 64.5/65 (LT).


Vital MTB called the AFS rear end on our last bike, "exceptionally stiff", but when it comes to lateral stiffness, you can't have too much. So we looked at where we could improve it further. The first step was moving to Superboost 157 hub spacing, which it gets a stronger & stiffer wheel. But that wasn't enough. The real improvements are The new dropout design which also integrates a unique keyed rear axle that locks the two dropout plates together, increasing torsional stiffness in high stress circumstances.


Nobody wants a loud bike from too much chain slap. So, we added a rubberized chain stay guard to help cut down on any chain slap noise that may occur. Sick of rocks smashing against your bottom bracket and ruining that beautiful paint? Worry no more, because we’ve taken care of that with a rubberized down tube guard which will keep things quite and preserve the integrity of your paint and help your bike retain its value. At the end of the day, this is one super quiet (& rugged) bike!


The new Haste offers a standard water bottle mount on the down tube as well as additional mounting points on the underside of the top tube. This will allow you to use many aftermarket strap and storage systems while still allowing for a regular size water bottle to fit below. Now you can carry your tools, trail repair items and water on your frame and off your back. Say goodbye to that cumbersome backpack.