Available Factory Service For Your Bike

• Rear Shock & Fork Service
• Seat Post Rebuild
• Wheel Service
• Complete Bike Tune
• Other Service - Contact Us


We package your custom bike in a specially designed box that is extra thick and supports the bike with foam to absorb any impacts that may happen during transit. Even with this packaging, the inevitable damage could happen. Contact us immediately if you find an issue and we will take care of the rest.


Our mountain bikes are high performance products that are tested to the highest standards. Keeping this in mind, we also understand that issues may arise and when something happens we are here to support you. View our Purchase Conditions to see how you are protected.

Crash Replacement

You love your new bike, you ride it a lot, and have recently crashed on it. If you find that your bike was damaged, no problem. We offer a crash replacement program to help you with just such a situation. Contact us to find out more details.