Adam Smith

Meridian, ID

About our Ambassador

Name Adam Smith
Instagram @asmith0529
Ph 208-659-8233
City/State Meridian, ID
Favorite Trail? Hulls Gulch and Dry Creek are my favorite local trails.
Favorite Post ride food? Red Robin(Bottomless Fries) or BBQ with friends and ride mates.
Post ride beverage? Water or Coke Zero
Post ride spot? Red Robin or usually BBQ in the back yard
How I connect to the sport? I ride as much as possible and am always trying to introduce MTB to new people. I have been working hard this season to prepare for my first Enduro race at Vail Lake next year.
Climb of shuttle? Climb! Gotta earn the descents.
Biggest Crash? Was just learning how to control my speed and took a jump at mach speed... needless to say I missed the landing completely, nose dived into the ground, and supermanned over my bars. My first superman though...
Never leave home without? Fanny Pack! I have stayed true to the fanny in a backpack world. Holds all my gear from pumpshock to tube and also has a pretty solid watter bladder.