Adam West

Bella Vista, AR

About our Ambassador

Name Adam West
Ph (518) 681-7878
City/State Bella Vista, AR
Favorite Trail? Staggerwing / Ruth’s revenge ( oz trails )
Favorite Post ride food? Philly Cheesesteak
Post ride beverage? Monster orange rehab With or without a splash of vodka
Post ride spot? Outside by the fire
How I connect to the sport? Bikes have played a major part In my life for over 25 years I have raced everything from bmx , to downhill, And now currently work as a professional trail builder
Climb of shuttle? Climb
Biggest Crash? Was just learning how to control my speed and took a jump at mach speed... needless to say I missed the landing completely, nose dived into the ground, and supermanned over my bars. My first superman though...
Never leave home without? Fanny Pack! I have stayed true to the fanny in a backpack world. Holds all my gear from pumpshock to tube and also has a pretty solid watter bladder.