Chad Deschamps

Bozrah, CT

About our Ambassador

Name Chad Deschamps
Ph 860 319-4729
City/State Bozrah, CT
Favorite Trail? Moween state park all of it. The Schist trail at Thunder
Favorite Post ride food? Tuna Sandwich
Post ride beverage? Iced Coffee
Post ride spot? Hang out at the ride spot and talk with friends.
How I connect to the sport? I have been riding bikes since I was a kid. Building local trails and filming has been something I look and looked forward to growing up. I try to get my friends and as many people as I can outside to enjoy doing whatever it is they love. My family and I take who ever would like to go riding with us on spare bikes we have. We do trail clean ups on our local trails and attend local races/ events in our area when we can. I have a dedicated bike section in the house where I do small repairs on bikes for people. We find or are given old bikes that need repair to fix up and give away to people who need them.
Climb of shuttle? Climb
Biggest Crash? Biggest crash I would say was the Schist at Thunder Mountain. Pro downhill line, ate it hard in the middle of a rock garden. Pretty sure I hit every inch of my body on a rock somehow.
Never leave home without? Little bag of tools/ bike essentials and my sunglasses.