Ellae Montoya

Farmington, NM

About our Ambassador

Name Ellae Montoya
Ph (505) 860-9282
Email laemontoya@outlook.com
City/State Farmington, NM
Favorite Trail? Phil’s World, Cortez, CO
27.5 or 29? 27.5
Favorite Post ride food? Pickles
Post ride beverage? Iced coffee
Post ride spot? Local coffee shop
How I connect to the sport? Racing, trail building, getting group rides together, encouraging women & girls to ride, race marshaling, & hopefully start coaching 
Climb of shuttle? Shuttle
Biggest Crash? Warming up for my last DH race on a flowy blue trail. I came out of a berm too late & slammed into a tree. I hit my head & knocked the wind out of myself.
Never leave home without? Multitool & a snack