Nick Buck

San Marcos, CA

About our Ambassador

Name Nick Buck
Ph 760-402-6425
City/State San Marcos, CA
Favorite Trail? Just Outstanding to some semi secret stuff, pretty much every trail in Kernville
27.5 or 29? 29 all the way! (never thought I'd say that)
Favorite Post ride food? Bacon Blue Cheese Burger
Post ride beverage? whatever the best local beer is
Post ride spot? tailgate party wherever we are
How I connect to the sport? I try to do all I can to be effective in an under the radar kind of way, working with our local mountain bike association, volunteering on non-profit Boards and trail and open space advisory committees. I line up at least a couple of coordinated and approved volunteer projects each year for riders to help out land managers. I'm quite involved in a large weekly group ride and enjoy connecting with people and being a good resource where I can. I also enjoy fixing neighborhood kids (and parents) bikes and showing the kids a thing or two about riding or wrenching. It's important to me to be of service as best I can!
Climb of shuttle? Embrace the suffer- climb!
Biggest Crash? I tend to crash big when i crash. Shattered foot crash is tied with a shattered shoulder crash.. and also tied with a shattered jaw crash i once had. Oh, then there's the broken wrist i just had....
Never leave home without? Phone for sure. I dig the Road ID bracelet too. Tire plug kit and/or GUP too. Flat tire walk of shame is a real bummer I try to avoid