Phil Crow

San Diego, CA

About our Ambassador

Name Phil Crow
Ph (858) 776-5155
City/State San Diego, CA
Favorite Trail? Trails at Ted Williams, or some hidden jump lines 
27.5 or 29? 27.5
Favorite Post ride food? Sandwich or Burger 
Post ride beverage? Beer..
Post ride spot? Home, or the tavern with a big group after Greer
How I connect to the sport? For the most part I just ride. I do my part here and there with trail work and other help, but I'm in it for the fun of biking. 
Climb of shuttle? Climb
Biggest Crash? Have taken plenty of spills but none that stick out too much. I aim for the bushes 
Never leave home without? Riding shorts.. helmet, mtb shoes, glasses and gloves. That's the essentials.