Rob Smith

Scottsdale, Arizona

About our Ambassador

Name Rob Smith
Instagram @robsmith1313
Ph 602.570.1313
City/State Scottsdale, Arizona
Favorite Trail? Gateway Loop, McDowell Mountains
Favorite Post ride food? Turkey meatballs and brown-rice linguine.  Don’t hate… it’s my meal!
Post ride beverage? Hammer Recoverite…  but Stella Artois is a good chaser
Post ride spot? K O’Donnells
How I connect to the sport? I love escaping work, getting outside and hitting the trail.  I’m crazy about challenging myself and always trying to learn more.
Climb of shuttle? Climb.  Never shuttle.
Biggest Crash? Most of the time, I’m an escape artist, avoiding the nasty wipeout.  My crashes look more like I’m accident prone, and I just fall like I need training wheels.
Never leave home without? Most of the time, I ride straight from my house to the trails, so my list is tube, tools and hydration