Manny & Julio Chavez @chavezbrothersmtb

Phoenix, AZ

About our Ambassador

Name Julio & Manny Chavez
Ph J: 602 703-0004 M: 605 517-2533
City/State Phoenex, AZ
Favorite Trail? J: Anything Sedone! So much good stuff up there. M: National Trail on South Mountain
27.5 or 29? Both: 29! You can't beat the roll-ability
Favorite Post ride food? J: Surt and Turf Burrito M: Bacon Cheeseburger
Post ride beverage? J: A nice fold Pepsi. M: Iced Tea
Post ride spot? Los Taquitos for AM rides and Philly's Sports Grill for afternoon rides
How I connect to the sport? J:Video is my passion, biking is my sport. I try to mesh the two together as best as I can. People always ask what do they need in order to make good videos, I tell them just have a vision. Everything I shoot is either on a gopro or iphone. I make the best with what I have and aim to create the vision that I have. M: I love to race. Training and being on top of my fitness is what keeps e motivated. Also, the community the honestly one of the best.
Climb of shuttle? J: I love to shuttle when offered, but ask anyone, us south mountain boys are known for our climbing abilities! M: Shuttle all the way!
Biggest Crash? J:Knock on wood!!! Although I did crash once where I dislocated my finger so I guess that could count… M: I crashed at the entrance of national trail on south mountain and tore my rotator cuff.
Never leave home without? J: My phone, you never know when you will need it to capture the moment. M: Helmet and CO2