Announcing ST, LT, & MT Shock/Link Conversion Kits

Eminent Team
20 May , 2020

Maybe it was a hard choice between the ST or the LT, or maybe you have progressed onto rougher terrain... or maybe you are doing an XC race and want something a little more nimble & peppy for long climbs.  The good news is your Onset can do both.  With a simple shock and link kit you can convert your frame to a 120mm ST or a 140mm LT.  These kits are compatible across EVERY original ST, LT, or MT bike.

Additionally, we are offering a 155 MT kit for full enduro/park commitment.  Please be aware the MT kit will only work on "MT generation frames".  Prior generation frames are not able to run MT shock/link.  Check with Eminent to confirm compatibility of your frame. 


ST Conversion Kits Factory: $549 & Perf. Elite $499


LT Conversion Kits - Factory $649 & Perf. Elite $599

MT Conversion Kits - Factory $749 & Perf. Elite $699. (pics coming soon)



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