Launching: Technical Videos

Eminent Team
14 Aug , 2020

We're happy to finally release our first series of technical videos to better support our customers in the maintenance of their bikes.  We've released two maintenance specific edits:


Unboxing - the New Bike Day experience, Eminent style.  This will take you through all aspects of setup to get you rolling:  Wheel/bar install, tubeless setup, pedal installation, sag set up, and seat post adjustment.


Brake Bracket & Bushing Service -  This is probably the single most unique maintenance aspect of an AFS bike.  This video takes your through installation of new bushings, lubrication, and torque of the floating brake bracket


We've also added some eye candy videos: A 2 min time-lapse build video and a shredit of Blake on the new MT in SC loam.  Check them all out on our site here or hit our Youtube channel to see them and our rider/review playlist content as well.



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