BETA First Impressions: Eminent Drive LT High-Pivot E-Bike

Eminent Team
04 Apr , 2022

"Most brands just play to their strengths and let ’em eat. But the Drive LT strikes a more careful balance, and it’s because of the combined effort of every part of the bike, including the high pivot."

"Popping off rocks into the transition on the edge of a rut, slashing up the wall on a traverse, dipping into a manual whenever the trail drops sharply enough. These are the maneuvers that keep me from riding e-bikes more often. And although they took some work on the Drive LT, they worked beautifully."

"I found that, if almost exclusively in Trail mode, I was able to get well over 3,000 feet of moderately technical singletrack climbing without fully depleting that last bar. If I was careful to keep it in Eco mode as much as possible, I went over 5,000 feet, though that day included a fair bit of smooth fire road climbing."

- Travis Engel, Beta

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