Vital MTB Introducing the Drive - Eminent Cycles All-New E-Bike

Eminent Team
04 Apr , 2022

Sharing design cues from Eminent’s other models, the Drive features a brand new high pivot suspension design, adjustable geometry, two travel options and Shimano’s EP8 motor.

Back in July, Eminent Cycles put out a teaser video hinting at the release of an e-bike platform in the near future. Since then, they have shared multiple photos of pre-production frames, stoking our anticipation to see what the small southern California brand had cooked up. After three years of development, today, Eminent has launched their Drive e-bike featuring a high pivot version of their AFS suspension design, two travel options to pick from, adjustable geometry and a long list of other features. Yet another brand hopping on the high-pivot bandwagon, Eminent believes the rearward axle path and pivot placement of such a design is perfectly optimized an e-bike. While the Drive shares many design elements with Eminent’s Onset trail bike, it is an entirely new beast. Dive into all the details below and keep an eye out in the months to come as we will be including the Drive in our 2022 e-bike shootout!