Bike Mag - Tested: Eminent Cycles Haste

Eminent Team
17 Jul , 2018

BIKE Magazine's Travis Engel recently reviewed our HASTE and had some great points of view.

Travis starts with, "The words "small brand" usually conjure images of fillet-brazed steel hardtails. Maybe single-speeds. Maybe belt-drive single-speeds. But not full-suspension, and not carbon. This is 2018, though. Things have changed."

"For San Diego's Eminent Cycles, it's a way to do something a little different."

"Floating brake calipers are designed to address the sometimes subtle issue of brake jack. Eminent’s version is also pretty subtle. You won’t know it’s there, and the braking is silky smooth."

"The Haste frame is meant to look a little more radical than the subdued style that bikes are trending towards."

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