Pinkbike - Eminent Cycles Launch

Eminent Team
01 Aug , 2018
Kevin Sigismondo and Jeff Soncrant have been riding together for years. Both are all-mountain/gravity junkies who also happen to be engineers. Both were lucky enough to land jobs in the mountain bike industry, and it was there where the two forged their friendship and assimilated the building blocks that would eventually led them to pose a life-altering question: 

bigquotes Why settle for most of what we wanted in a bike when we could make one that was exactly what we wanted?

Easier said than done. Bikes are pretty damn good these days, so moving the needle requires a lot more horsepower than a good frame design, a fresh take on suspension, and the right numbers. Undaunted, Kevin and Jeff quit their day jobs and founded Eminent Cycles. Three and half years later, they had burned through a big pile of money, a number of aluminum prototypes, and had rejected 85 "almost perfect" carbon frames.