Pinkbike First Ride: 2022 Eminent Drive MT

Eminent Team
04 Apr , 2022

"On the ups, the combination of quiet suspension and smooth power delivery got the job done. The bike is efficient enough that I never felt the need to flip the climb switch on the shock, though the switch is right there and easily accessible should the need arise. The Shimano EP8 motor is is relatively quiet, which makes the whole climbing experience quite pleasant. On dirt roads, the bike powers right up and pedals nicely without any bob or other notable characteristics."

"Once the trail points downhill, the Drive feels like a familiar, capable enduro bike. Eminent was right in modernizing the geometry compared to its last bikes; the 476mm reach (485mm for the LT bike) is right where I want it to be, and the slack head angle serves the bike well. I prefer the bike in its slack flip chip setting, though I heard the Eminent employees have tended to ride it in the steeper mode, as they ride trails where they benefit from more clearance. For me, with fewer rocks to strike, the amount of travel, weight, and traction make the Drive feel quite capable, and honestly I don't want the head angle to be any steeper than those 63.5 degrees. Once it gets moving, it is a bit of a freight train, ready to handle just about anything."

- Alicia Leggett, Pinkbike

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