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19 Feb , 2020

In a changing retail world, DemoWorx has set out on a unique, experience first path. This pairs perfectly with the Eminent: FULLY REALIZED philosophy. Once you put a Haste or Onset to work, you why not test ride on a real trail.

We asked Brendan Gecik, owner and founder of DemoWorx how it all came to be…

I grew up racing mountain bikes and did my first race in 1988, before Rock Shox came out with the first suspension fork. I’ve seen a lot of voodoo magic in the business and some pretty wacky inventions come and go. Riding for me has always been my first passion and bikes got me through some tough times as a kid. It was only logical that, after dropping out of college to travel for a bit, I pursued a career in the industry.

I came up with the idea for DemoWorx on an international flight back from a sales meeting. I was working as a sales manager for a range of a very large parts and accessories brands and was constantly fighting to get my product on shelves in shops. I realized that there were a lot of companies making great product but just could not get traction in the traditional brick and mortar because of pressure from the big bike brands. I knew there was a better way to do it so I quit and launched DemoWorx, a mobile retail and demo operations tour focusing on California.

At first brands didn’t even want to talk to us. I thought maybe I had made a mistake. But then in came Eminent. The team there had the vision for the program and the desire to get people on their bikes. We were insanely excited because of the super-positive press the bikes had been getting. After adding a number of other brands to the tour Eminent continued to shine in the mix of what people wanted to ride.

After a full year of touring California we were doing good work, running big demo days, heading to some major events, and making for some big smiles. But good wasn’t what we wanted. We wanted to be GREAT. We wanted to be completing sales and building a tribe of happy, dedicated customers. So, at the start of 2020 we launched into full mobile retail with a focus on Northern California and immediately sold two Eminent Onsets (one full XTR build).

Our mission is to change the face of how retail works. We’re not bound to any big brands and never will be. We strictly partner with bike brands that we love, ride, and have 100% confidence in. We’re focused on the experience and creating a one-on-one sales process where we can ride with a customer and hand hold them through the buying experience; concierge retail that begins on the trail, not on a sales floor in strip mall. A sales program that tailors bike and experience to you, not what one of the big bike brands happens to have on sale or on the sales floor. I personally invite everyone to come ride with us because, after 30 years of experience, I know that is what it’s all about.

To learn more about a Northern California demo near you, group ride, or a “grab’n’go” head to

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