Drink Coffee, Build Trails!

Eminent Team
19 Jan , 2023

Building Grounds

What is better than coffee and mountain bikes?!?

We are partnering with Traction Coffee Roasters, COMBA, Evergreen MTB Alliance, GORC, NEMBA, Overland MTB Association, and SDMBA to raise money for trails.

Traction Coffee Roasters based in Longmount, CO is an amazing group of people, who make MTB jet fuel.  Their roasts are top notch and they've done numerous  industry and cultural collabs such as Ride or Die and Demolition BMX.  Anthony, our head of sales connected with Mike and the two of them came up with a pretty sweet little idea...

Building Grounds

Eminent is co-branding on a custom blend by Traction Coffee Roasters.   Here's where it gets real cool.   We reached out four local trail advocacy groups that are near and dear to us and asked them if they'd like to get proceeds from the sale of each bag for their trail initiatives... Who could argue with that?  Literally turn your coffee grounds into new trail! 

For the coffee; Traction is using a medium roasted blend of beans that has tasting notes of Chocolate, Caramel, & Cola. For each bag sold they donate $5 to the purchaser's choice of organization.   Head here to order and pick from the following organizations:

SDMBA San Diego 

GORC Missouri

COMBA Colorado

Evergreen Washington


Overland MTB Association

So grab a bag or three of Building Grounds from Traction Coffee, brew it up, slurp it down, hop on your Haste and go shred!

 Order Coffee here!

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