Eminent Factory Team Update: Owen Davis Invited to the TDS Enduro

Eminent Team
09 May , 2023

Owen Davis Pushes Hard at TDS

[Grass Valley, CA] The TDS Enduro is infamous in American MTB enduro racing. So much so that only the country's top enduro riders get invited each year. Eminent Factory Rider, Owen Davis, made the list for 2023 and took his Eminent Haste MT to compete against some of the best enduro competitors in the country.

The TDS Enduro spans 11 stages, over 2 days. Not only does the number of stages involved in this race make it daunting, but also only 6 of these stages allowed a single practice lap each, with the remaining 5 stages requiring blind runs. 

With the trails being very similar terrain to what Owen is used to in his native Southern California, his practice runs were confidence-boosting and he entered Race Day 1 feeling fully prepared. He rode smooth on all 6 stages that day, but felt he could have pushed more in the end. None the less, with an error-free day, he felt confident going into Day 2.

Unfortunately on Day 2 in one of his stages he encountered a slow tire leak after attacking one of the rock gardens which required him to finish the stage at a slower pace. This mechanical did impact his overall, but Owen came away from the event happy with his end result.

Owen finished in 28th, which was a top-third performance. A great 2 days of racing with some of the country's best pro enduro riders.

Listen to a quick audio interview with Owen as he discusses his memorable weekend at the TDS Enduro:


Photo Credit: Ben Wilson

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